Jordan F. Zeh(refuses to tell people anyone his middle name but also known as J.F.Z.) is live and local each and every morning on Hot 1079 from 6am to 10am cohosting and writing The Morning Zoo.  Listen live through the app that you can download or visit hot1079pc.com  Jordan is passionate about charity including KARING FOR KARSTEN   Karsten Herrick is a terminally ill 6 yo that has Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  Jordan let Karsten host the Morning Zoo the very first week that it became “the Zoo” and Karsten picked the name.  

Karsten’s family is an amazing hard working family that not only have to deal with the mental stress of the many medical scares each year BUT are consumed with debt.   Please help them out!  You can see his pic on the side of each page on this site! Links straight to his Go Fund Me.   Now that the most important part is out the way. 

The MOST UNIQUE ACCENT IN RADIO comes from a British child till age 6 before moving to South Carolina and living there till age 26.   So, Jordan has a British/South Carolinian accent which makes it most unique and is 2nd only to the question of “Is he really that crazy in person?” or so the Hot 1079 staff says.   Jordan comes from “old school” radio where he believes in live and local being most important because you are able to do what radio is suppose to do and serve the community.  He is the brain behind “Bowling For Boobies,” the ANNUAL BREAST CANCER FUND RAISER that has sold out and raised over $3000 the past 2 years.  

Jordan is also now the lead broadcaster(with Melissa) for promoting the Annual “Stuff The Bus.”   Jordan and Melissa raised more in 6 days than the event had done in 14 days in 7 previous years teaming up with “the direct competitor” of Hot 1079.   Unknowingly to Jordan,   Reverend Skip Bondur(who camps out for 14 days and never comes down for anything) informed Jordan that “the direct competition” was not doing anything for him as far as promoting the event and they were struggling in December 2016 because “the direct competition” wanted their name on the event.   Mr. Bondur refused and said that the toy and shoe drive was not about a radio station and was about helping kids get toys and shoes that normally do not.   “The Direct Competition” sadly decided not to help the man and the promotion and their loss became our win when Mr. Bondur reached out to Jordan and the rest is history.   Because of the 6 day success,  he has now “raised the bar” and this year they will be stuffing 2 buses and doubling the goals.  Jordan still hopes that “the direct competition” and all the “competitors” will show up and help because the event is not about the radio stations. It’s about the community and helping serve the community!!! This year, Jordan has accepted Skip’s challenge to camp out with him on the bus each night.  

Jordan hates the normal philosophy of the race to become the sole fundraiser for a charity and could careless about anything but helping the causes out.  In the past few years, they have been involved with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Northwest Florida.  They have also been the sole radio promoters for the entire Relay For Life(s) around the County.   They have raised money for pets in need including the huge local story about “Save Marley,” which was featured on national news.   The owner credits the show for helping with the majority of legal fees and being the 1st to even offer to help.  Jordan and Melissa are always one phone call away.   They are proud of all their charitable work most!    This isn’t a brag session but a message to everyone in this huge listening area.  We are now in Georgia and Alabama.   Florida, Georgia, and Alabama listeners need to know they are family to us and when family needs something, family answers.    

Jordan has hosted morning radio for 24 years where is he is known to get quite comfortable and do long tenures.  He has worked in Panama City Beach(twice), Augusta, Ga(twice) and Pensacola/Mobile.  He has accumulated several awards along the way including most recently the 2016-2017 Universal Comedy Awards for Best Radio Show, Best Male Personality, and Best Comedic Writing sweeping the radio categories. 


Jordan also did Sketch Comedy for Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die for which he wrote a “spoof” for the “Best Spoof” contest for the MTV Movie Awards in 2009(see SKETCHEZ PAGE).  He was the runner up and just nearly missed owning his own GOLDEN POPCORN!   He continued to get paid to do sketch videos for the website but the lost was “tough” because “who doesn’t want golden popcorn.”   

He loves comedy and is influenced most by his father, Dave Letterman, and his mentor and FORMER WBBQ-FM MORNING LEGEND and first MARCONI Award Winner for Best Radio Personality Mark Summers.   

Zeh is no doubt a beach bum and prefers living right up on the beach.  Because of that, Jordan believes he is already accomplished the HUGE GOAL OF “being able to see the beach from my home.”  He still has a few HUGE GOALS including following in his mentor’s footsteps by winning the most prestigious radio award(The Marconi) but doesn’t stop at that.  Jordan plans to win an Emmy and Oscar and writes screenplays religiously.  

Zeh is highly educated in screenwriting having went to UCLA online and lacks 2 credits for a Masters of Fine Arts for Screenwriting.  He was a All American Scholar, Gamma Beta Phi,  Lifetime Psi Chi Honor Society(Psychology) were he had a 4.0.   Don’t let the show fool you, Jordan has the book smarts but wasn’t smart enough to become a doctor or lawyer falling in love with radio as a child and knew the time he first went live on a mic that he wanted to not only do radio, he wanted to do morning comedic driven radio.  

He has won several national contests for his screenwriting and only has one problem. “I hate Hollywood! I do! And that sucks. I thought I would totally dig the place and I hated it!  I would go there to work on a project but leave the time it was over.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to do that! I hope I have to be at that place and hate it for many months!” he says with laughter   “And I plan to do radio always and forever.  I enjoy the challenge of morning radio. Coming up with new, original material is some creative outlet that I get great gratification out of.  It’s something I have to have.   I am addicted to it.  I have missed radio greatly during any hiatus and no longer believes just “writing” is something that would cure his creative outlet.   “I would love to be the creator and head writer of a TV show, host a morning radio show, and do stand up one day! and then win a Marconi, Emmy, and Oscar! Win all 3 of those are won and done! I can say that I can die happy!” 

Jordan plans to perform his latest stand up comedy this year by performing on the weekends in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Biloxi, and New Orleans.   

Jordan is definitely a “personality” and it doesn’t take long to understand that if you listen more than a couple days.   He is known to do all types of humor in his comedy including absurd, dark, observational, cerebral, non sequitur, dead pan, one-liner,impressions, pranks, self deprecating, satire, character, and blue comedy.