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Jordan was invited to fly on the T-38 Fighter Jet at Tyndall Air Force Base as part of media flights for promotion of their Gulf Coast Salute Air Show.  Having everyone in the media vomiting all over themselves, dry heaving, passing out, and one with a full blown panic attack so bad they had to be removed by an ambulance, former Lt. Col. Don Arias called Jordan a “steely-eyed rocket man” after completing the flight with not throwing up or passing out!   They pulled 3G and then moved to the speed of sound at 6G before his pilot RALF said “that’s all we are supposed to do and most people freak out by now so what do you want to do?” and Jordan responded “I thought this was your bird! Fly it!”   And that he did!  They did it all.  Barrel rolls, upside down, free falling nose diving, and went to land twice before turning the nose up and taking off like a shuttle.   The even out ran a fake missile in a simulated dogfight with their flight partner WAN.   Jordan LOVED this ride and LOVED everyone at Tyndall.  The experience to fly with the fighter jet pilots and train like pilots do(to a degree) was what he calls his “favorite radio perk.”   His pilot called Jordan “a unicorn” because “they don’t exist’ meaning that Jordan handled the flight unlike any civilian before.  The flight was scheduled to be 1 hour and ended up being 1 hour and a half.  

Fighter Pilot RALF gives Jordan his grade on his 1st flight.  It was GREAT to be a HUGE PART OF THE GULF COAST SALUTE! and so great to be involved in such a huge event in our community!  

Watch as Melissa tackles her fear of possums.  Jordan has con’d Melissa into a lot of things.  Now, he has con’d her into tackling her “fears” live on Facebook.  That includes possums.