Jordan Zeh once wrote and starred in videos for Will Ferrell’s website Funny or Die! Having never done sketch video(writing/directing/editing/acting), Jordan and his troupe were able to get in the Elite 8 For an MTV Movie Award for “Best Spoof” in 2009 after only doing videos for about 6 months.   They represented Photobucket(1 of the 8 partner sites for the contest). AT THE TIME, PHOTOBUCKET was one of the BIGGEST sites in the country and they were honored to be chosen!  The video was a spoof that no one else even attempted because it was most difficult being a musical and Jordan transformed “Sweeney Todd” into “Sweetey Todd.”    You can watch the video below.  Unfortunately, the video was runner up to a “farting midget.”   Literally, the video that won was just a midget that farted as the huge “kicker” and Jordan and the troupe took the loss in stride laughing it off yet wishing they would have had a farting midget in their musical spoof.   

They were already featured on Funny or Die’s Front Page pretty much every video but after the contest, they were offered cash for videos and became part of Funny or Die’s Verizon Wireless feed that involved the launch of their app.  Because of his severe ADHD, Jordan put down the pen as far as sketch video and began using it for his blog(which became the National Humor Blog Of Year) and writing full feature film and TV pilots.   

However, COMING THIS SUMMER…..Jordan will be releasing 21 videos of sketch comedy shorts and plans to reunite with Funny or Die to do it.  The videos will include his new troupe in Florida that includes his radio cohost Melissa Miller!   

Here are a few of the videos that Jordan did.  More videos will come June 1st from the past.   The new ones are scheduled to appear all at one time as Jordan wants to release the videos into 6 30 minute episodes BUT admits that his “lack of patience” may lead to an earlier release and one by one.  The only way to find out is to listen to the Morning Zoo on Hot 1079 or visit ! 

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