A montage of the Best of Zoo with Jordan and Melissa.


Women Calls Wrong Number Looking For “Vivian.”  Jordan Pretends To Be “Vivian”

Jordan Calls Cemetery To See About Burying His Fictitious Pet Goldfish “Jimmy”;Lady Loses IT!

Zeh Puts 7 YO Nephew Up To Calling Ask A Nurse And Asking Her About His Mother Having “Camel Toe”

Jordan Pretending To Be Jehovah Witness Calling People To Schedule “Home Visits”

Jordan Calls Department Stores About Purchasing A Mannequin That Looks Like Neighbor That Just Died

Jordan convinces funeral home he’s coming by to do a “buzzard problem inspection.”

Jordan sees a 1 800 Litter Tip Hotline!  He never quit calling them for many many years!

Melissa Brings Up “What If Jordan Had To Carry A Baby?” and then DIES LAUGHING AT HIS RESPONSE.

ELDERLY WOMAN CALLS THE WRONG RADIO STATION.  Zeh is Zeh.  However, this call led to the birth of “Ethel and Grover”  

Eat and Kill Family Restaurant.  EAT AND KILL A LOBSTER ANYWAY YOU WANT TO!