Jordan Gives MacBooster 5 ….5 Stars ***** Must Have For Mac Users

My new MacBook Air (1 year old) was shutting down randomly and then not starting up as well as sometimes not allowing the charger to charge it …pretty much had a mind of it’s own.   I had spent $100 to get the diagnosis that I would need to send it to an authorized Apple dealer to get the computer fixed which they estimated it to be several things …BUT the MAIN THING was I was looking at $450.   

I have bought Memory Clean to a handful of things to speed up my computer but nothing worked as far as the speed.   The products were “okay” but nothing really made a HUGE DIFFERENCE.    

Now, I receive hundreds of free software each year to test and trial and review.   One that caught my attention was MacBooster 5.  I downloaded the trail to see if it had a diagnosis of any issues and was shocked to see that my computer was performing at dangerous security to speed to you malware and a possible virus.   

MacBooster 5 not only made my computer super fast, it removed all of these issues and all I can tell you is I have never been more about a “all in one package” software product for the Mac until this product.  THIS PRODUCT IS A MUST HAVE IF YOU ARE A MAC USER!   YOU WILL THANK ME LATER!  Your computer will not only be way faster but you will be protected and you will be able to clean your computer with a simple morning process that takes no longer than 5 minutes to do it all.   It will show you all the duplicate files and duplicate photos (I had 1700 duplicate photos) on my computer.   How?  I do not know but computers work in a way that most of us do not know.   MacBooster 5’s creators know how they work because they have invented a product that I not only recommend but if i could financially pay for all my Mac listeners to be able to try the product fully, I would.   

The reason is listeners would LOVE me more than the high ratings show.  You guys show me GREAT LOVE but I am telling you… purchase this product and are not satisfied fully, then I will let you call the radio show and I will send you to dinner on me with coupons to some of the best dining establishments across the Panhandle.   

Check it out by clicking below or click the logo on the sidebar!


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