Welcome To THE BRAND NEW HOME of Jordan Zeh & Melissa Miller!

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Jordan Zeh and Melissa Miller are featured 6am to 10am each morning on Hot 1079 known as “The Morning Zoo.”(Karma led us  to this show name.  We did not pick it.  It’s a long story but to you —the listener—the show name probably makes for a great name.  It’s an inside radio thing but karma is the reason. We will explain one day!) 

This site will serve as THE Official Home Of All Of Their Comedic Work AND CHARITABLE CAUSES!!!   THIS SHOW IS LIVE AND LOCAL AND SERVES YOU, THE LISTENER.  IF YOU NEED US, WE ARE HERE!  CALL US!  TEXT US!  EMAIL US!  850 249 1079    LOOK TO THE RIGHT OF THE SITE FOR JUST SOME OF THE CHARITIES MELISSA AND JORDAN ARE BEHIND.   Soon, videos will be posted to the site as well as the archive of over 72 gigs of audio!   So, just sit back and relax BUT HEY MAN!, HANDS OFF THE WALLS! WE JUST PAINTED THEM!  This will be the home of the radio show, the sketch videos past and present, vlogging, and blogging.  THIS WILL BE A PROCESS OF HARD WORK EACH AND EVERY DAY, YOU MAY NOTICE SOME THINGS ADDED but most of the stuff will be posted but not published and available until JULY 1ST.  On July 1st, this site will be fully functional and operational and have A TON OF AUDIO of your favorite moments of the past 4 years.

Jordan and Melissa THANK YOU for your patience.

Why PineconesRock.com???   Well, Jordan loves pinecones and said “JordanandMelissa.com is taken by some couple getting married” and “thezoo.com and themorningzoo.com” are taken as well.   So, Jordan’s theory is that every time you see a pinecone now, you will think of us!   And “there are A LOT OF PINECONES AND PINECONES ROCK!”  He’s quite different as you know!    

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