***Audio***Jordan Zeh & Melissa Miller Compilation

If you have never listened to THE MORNING ZOO with Jordan Zeh and Melissa Miller, then here is a  sample of what you are MISSING!   It’s different! It’s entertaining!  It’s funny!  The radio show differs from other morning shows around the country and in the local area because the show is originally written and prepared each day by Jordan Zeh.   Jordan has done radio for 24 years AND has a background in stand up comedy as well as screenwriting as well.  Melissa Miller has been doing radio for 22 years and has wrote for CMT for several years.

The tandom have great chemistry and Melissa considers Jordan “the funniest person she has ever met or heard or seen ….movies to television.”  Jordan calls Melissa “my creative soulmate who makes me sound a lot better than I really am!!!  I am very humbled by her words about me.  I don’t think she knows what she is talking about but I will take it!”   BOTH believe that they are with the right company because they have returned to live and local radio that serves the community.  Jordan and Melissa lead the community in charitable events HOSTING and PROMOTING the BIGGEST CHARITY CAMPAIGNS.     Listen BELOW to HEAR a sample of THE MORNING ZOO WITH JORDAN ZEH AND MELISSA MILLER! 

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